My Battle With Cold Sores

Cold SoresHow many times have you woken up and felt that awful tingle sensation that every cold sore sufferer knows only too well? For me personally it’s basically once every four to six weeks and it has a huge impact on my social life when I have one. I honestly believe that there is a stigma attached to cold sores, which is ridiculous considering it is thought that around 80% of the population have the virus.

While the cold sore virus may be one of the most common in the country, if not the world, it seems we are still a million years away from finding a cure. Every so often a break through comes and we are told good things are happening, yet we never seem to see a cure materialise. In all fairness you may think the money would be better spent on other medical issues, ones that cause more problems and I guess you would be right. While the cold sore virus is only a minor problem, it can feel a lot worse for certain sufferers.

One thing I have noticed with cold sores is that over the counter medication never seems to have any effect on the sore whatsoever! In fact I have started to feel as if cold sore creams are nothing more than a con. Harsh words, however I feel I have the right to this opinion since I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on creams over the years and with no signs of anything positive from them.

It is because of this reason that I have chosen other methods to try and combat cold sores, methods such as diet and home remedies. Firstly I must say eating clean is an absolute winner for me, I have stuck to clean fruits and vegetables and seen myself lose weight, feel fitter and healthier and also reduce my cold sore outbreaks. Before I would have one every other month at best, now I’ve only had two in eight months. That for me is a great return as I have really suffered badly with cold sores and it seems diet ahs a direct effect on them.

Another avenue I have tried is home remedies rather than medication. The problem with this is there are so many different ones to try. Tea tree oil, ice cubes, toothpaste, cold compress, alcohol, you name it, it seems to that it’s a home remedy! So far I have only tried tea tree oil, the real stuff from the plant and not from a pot. I got it from my aunties back garden at her house in Portugal where I was staying when I had my one outbreak. I simply pulled off this huge leaf and took the oil from inside it, it is also used for sunburn and other stuff so having one of these plants in your back garden is great!

My next step is to try an online cold sore program, there seems to be a lot of them around however I have whittled it down to the two shown here on this cold sores website as these two have the best reviews. The site also has some great information too if you want to read up on cold sores. How these programs work I do not know but I’m not worried about the cost as they are only a few dollars, less than what I have spent on many other products such as creams and lotions. Anyway, I’m rambling on so I will update you with any news I have regarding the program in the near future.